Regarding Tracee Hamilton’s Jan. 8 Sports column “And now comes the finger-pointing”:

I have never seen so many “experts” pick up their torches and storm the castle as they have in response to Robert Griffin III not being pulled out of the Redskins’ game Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks. The criticism has been overwhelming.

Nobody knows the exact moment when Mr. Griffin tore his ligaments, but everyone seems to know the exact moment when he should have been benched. The only thing we know for sure is that if the Redskins had won the game, none of these experts would be criticizing the decision to let him play. Instead, they would be singing the praises of the courageous young man who led the team to victory in the face of injury.

The issue has more to do with the scoreboard than the judgment of the coach.

Seth Diamond, Potomac

Leaving Robert Griffin III in Sunday’s game as long as he did has gotten Mike Shanahan thoroughly skewered by Sally Jenkins [“Redskins sack their own QB,” front page, Jan. 9] and many others. Had Shanahan pulled Griffin earlier, he would also have been skewered but by a different set of fans and observers. Tough gig, being head coach. Hopefully, there is one thing on which all can agree: wishing Griffin a complete and relatively speedy recovery.  

Lawrence R. Glaser, Olney