Hugh Hefner and his girlfriend Barbara Benton, are surrounded by Bunny Girls at the Playboy Club in London on Sept. 5, 1969. (AP/AP)

Regarding the Sept. 29 Style article “Empowering women — on his terms”:

Hugh Hefner certainly had a bizarre definition of feminism. Women have struggled for years to be treated and paid as equals with men. That is the definition of feminism. Putting naked women in centerfolds and having them parade around in bunny outfits is not feminism.

I lived through the “sexual revolution” that Hefner decided we all needed, and what it meant to me was that women were judged according to the porn-queen definitions laid out by men. An attractive woman was asked out only to find that her date was comparing her with Miss January, or a woman married someone who later left her to pursue the “perfect” woman.

Magazines that were embarrassing and puzzling to those of us who wanted to be appreciated for our minds and characters made life more difficult. I am astonished that anyone would think differently.

Janet D. Smith, Herndon