I was deeply disappointed by your endorsements for the Fairfax School Board, [“For Fairfax County School Board ,” editorial, Oct. 27]. Not because The Post endorsed mostly Democratic-backed candidates, as expected, but because it trivialized the concerns of thousands of Fairfax County residents.

The surreptitious attempt by the Fairfax County School Board this summer to redefine the school boundary change criteria to explicitly include “socioeconomic and racial composition of the student body” might have been realized by now were it not for the dedicated school board candidates who publicized it. These initiatives would undermine our neighborhood schools and the ability of parents in this traffic-clogged county to be involved in them. Once the criteria permit racial and economic balancing, then long-distance busing will inevitably come into play unless the board purchases a fleet of helicopters, so it is disingenuous to say no one is proposing “massive, cross-county busing.”

The attack on the citizens who are “attacking the board for renaming J.E.B. Stuart High School” or adding transgenderism to the curriculums as merely “wedge politics at its worst” essentially says Fairfax parents are the ignorant tools of nefarious interests and we have no right to demand accountability from our elected officials pushing social justice agendas. Those of us supporting grass-roots challengers are not puppets but well-educated, multiethnic and civic-minded citizens who know full well the issues at stake here. We will not be intimidated from voicing our concerns as long as we can live in Fairfax County.  

Paula T. Weiss, Annandale