Regarding the April 20 Prince William Extra article “Bluebells help ring in spring,” about Virginia bluebells, a.k.a. Mertensia virginica:

While the members of the board of directors of the Prince William Wildflower Society were pleased that The Post highlighted a beautiful Virginia native plant, we were quite dismayed to see a photograph of a woman holding a bouquet of Virginia bluebells picked at Manassas National Battlefield Park. It is a federal offense to remove anything from a national park.

The Prince William Wildflower Society, as a chapter of the Virginia Native Plant Society, is concerned with the preservation of native plants and native habitats. If Virginia bluebells are picked, they cannot produce the seeds that keep the plants coming year after year. They may appear abundant now, but they may not continue to be. Many of Virginia’s native plants have disappeared because of human impact, and only with conservation will future generations enjoy what we see today.

Nancy Vehrs, Manassas

The writer is president of the Prince William Wildflower Society.