Al Kamen (and editor), please put yourself in Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s shoes as you pictured her dozing at the State of the Union address [“Justice never sleeps? Well, this one does,” In the Loop, Feb. 14]. You’d be embarrassed and possibly a bit humiliated, wouldn’t you? How did it serve readers to learn that Ginsburg was nodding from the start, that even applause and standing ovations didn’t rouse her and that she was wedged between two other justices to keep her upright.

I’m 80, and I have nowhere near Justice Ginsburg’s demanding schedule, but occasionally I, too, have to be nudged awake — even during a George Clooney movie! As I watched President Obama’s address on TV, I noticed that as CNN’s camera operators panned the room and happened to catch Ginsburg nodding off, they quickly moved on, showing respect and sensitivity. Your piece, however, did injustice to the justice.

Barbara Morris, Falls Church