As my wife and I stood in an hour-long line to vote Tuesday, we took the occasion to observe our neighbors as they arrived and expressed varying degrees of surprise and dismay at the long line at Lake Braddock Secondary School in Burke. It was longer than we were accustomed to, but waiting was a small price to pay to exercise our right to vote.

We did not see anyone turn around and leave. In fact, I think we all felt a bit of common pride in waiting our turn to vote.

After about 45 minutes, when we were getting close to the head of the line, I noticed an elderly couple who had just arrived walking back to the end of the line. They seemed to be expressing concern about the woman’s ability to stand for a long period. Just as I noticed them, so did a young woman standing about five spots in front of us. I watched as she stopped the couple and told them to take her spot in line. She then walked to the end of the line. I was impressed and moved.

After becoming aware of what had happened, all of the folks around us in line were glad, as we were, to see that the volunteers working the polls found this wonderful young woman and put her back in her original spot in line. There was no politics, just people doing the right thing. So I want to say thank you to that woman for reminding us that we’re all in this together. And thank you to all the folks who work the polls on Election Day.

Gordon Wallace, Burke