The Nov. 13 “Prickly City.” (Scott Stantis/Universal Uclick)

The Nov. 13 “Prickly City” strip by Scott Stantis was ironic. Its single panel depicted Carmen, the strip’s young protagonist, embracing her furry yellow mammalian friend (of indeterminate species). Both have horrified expressions, and the latter is saying, “We just elected who?” Why do I say “ironic”?  For at least the past six months, Stantis’s strip has featured Hunny Bunny, a megalomaniacal rabbit with a pearl necklace and sunglasses. Identified by an essentially unaltered Hillary Clinton campaign logo, Hunny Bunny has been consistently depicted as narcissistic, abusive to her “minions” and corrupt. 

I understand Stantis dished it out to Trump, too, but not nearly as much or nearly as directly. If Carmen and her pal are so darn horrified now, maybe they should have been a little less critical of Hunny Bunny when it mattered.

Robert J. McManus, Bethesda