Choir students at Northwestern High School in Hyattsville. (Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post)

I am the parent of three past and present students in Prince George’s County Public Schools. I am also on the council of our small town, where we recently budgeted $6,000 for a gift to the Northwestern High School PTA. This will help replace the library’s 10-year-old computers, many of which do not work.

Imagine my surprise, therefore, when I learned that interim schools chief Monica Goldson has found more than $46 million to give backdated raises to staff who were working in the school district during the last recession [“Prince George’s budget is approved,” Metro, May 30].

This is an extraordinary financial claim, made by a teachers union that apparently prefers to reward long-term activists at the expense of the future of the school district.

Millions lost their jobs in the recession; millions lost their homes. Prince George’s County was especially hard hit. Yet the teachers union is complaining about raises not being granted during this painful period.

If there is an extra $40 million available, it belongs to students in the classroom today, for hiring new teachers to reduce class sizes today and for replacing old and outdated equipment today.

Roland Stephen, University Park

The writer represents Ward 7 on
the University Park Town Council.