Regarding the June 16 news article “Information behind phone calls, Web interactions reveals a lot”:

After days of listening to the ongoing debate over National Security Agency surveillance, I am having trouble making sense of what seems to be disingenuous indignation over lost privacy. Far too many people are already oversharers, whether through vanity plates, bumper stickers, Facebook, Twitter or those ever-popular tell-all books. It seems people have no filter or, seemingly, no worry about sharing their personal lives with anyone willing to pay attention. Just the other day, a good friend and I enjoyed reading the bumper stickers and vanity plates on the SUV sitting in front of us at a stoplight. While we pondered the unlikely mix of interests — Harley Davidson lover, knitter, swimmer, sewing enthusiast and triathlete — we also laughed because we now had more information about the stranger in front of us than we did about some of our friends and acquaintances.

Sue Bon, Haymarket