In her March 30 letter, “Giving caribou a fighting chance,” Natural Resources Defense Council boreal corporate campaign manager Shelley Vinyard said Canada has “unfettered clear-cut logging operations in caribou habitat” and “logging companies are destroying caribou habitat, with few environmental safeguards.” In Canada, our forests are publicly managed under the world’s most rigorous forestry laws and regulations. Forest plans consider multiple values, including for more than 500 animals, birds and fish that live in our forests. We support at-risk species, including caribou, through research, habitat protection and community discussions.

We have virtually no deforestation or illegal logging, and Canada’s professional foresters prioritize the protection of our watersheds and wetlands and work to keep communities safe from wildfires. 

Canada harvests less than 0.5 percent of its forests annually and has retained more than 90 percent of its original forest cover. By law, every tree harvested in Canada is replanted or regenerated. Americans can rest assured that products from our forests are environmentally responsible and sustainable.

Derek Nighbor, Ottawa

The writer is president and chief executive of the Forest Products Association of Canada.