The Feb. 15 editorial “Finally, a GOP alternative,” about our health-care proposal, the Patient CARE Act, wrongly charged that it “relies on similar fundamental architecture” as Obamacare.

Though crediting Obamacare with “worthy goals” to help Americans have access to better care, The Post didn’t mention that the law’s huge tax hikes, Washington-dictated mandates and unsustainable spending have made it wildly unpopular. Our plan addresses these issues head-on.

We repeal Obamacare’s $1 trillion in new taxes that mostly fall on the backs of hard-working middle-class families. We end the law’s unprecedented Medicaid expansion and replace it with concrete, structural reforms. We don’t create giant federal bureaucracies or impose individual or job-killing employer mandates on Americans.

We offer a credible path forward that gets to the crux of the greatest barrier to health care: costs. We end Obamacare’s Washington-knows-best approach. Our plan harnesses the power of the marketplace and provides patients with affordable options to meet their needs. More choices in the private insurance market and greater protections and transparency, as offered by our plan, put families back in charge of their health-care decisions, letting them make the best decision for themselves. The Patient CARE Act offers sustainable, achievable reforms to cure our nation’s costly, ailing health-care system.

Richard Burr, Tom Coburn and Orrin Hatch, Washington

The writers, all Republicans, are U.S. senators from, respectively, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Utah.