Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt speaks in Washington. (Susan Walsh/Associated Press)

Regarding the Feb. 23 news article "Emails detail EPA head's close ties to fossil fuel industry":

There are unprecedented connections between new Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt and the oil and gas industry, which is revealing of the Trump administration's single-minded bias toward fossil fuels. Mr. Pruitt ignores that: Earth is a limited resource in an unforgiving universe; 97 percent of climate scientists and the majority of world governments agree that global warming is caused by fossil fuel burning, and we have to act now to contain the destruction; and alternative energy sources that give good jobs are rapidly growing and provide cost parity with fossil fuels.

The EPA has stood as a fair arbiter for stopping chemical pollution of rivers, lakes and air; keeping toxic chemicals out of drinking water; and blocking destruction of the ozone layer, while industry said these actions would cost jobs and competitiveness. Mr. Pruitt will enable irreversible fossil fuel pollution of our atmosphere.

When politicians ignore scientific facts, the facts always prevail.

Edward Kerns, Laytonsville

The writer is a volunteer with the Climate Reality Project.