Nightlife noise pollution in the District deserves serious attention, but the age divide on noise was exaggerated in the Nov. 17 front-page article “No longer at home in the neighborhood.” Many young parents with children are concerned with noise that interrupts sleep. On the other hand, many “elderly” aren’t bothered; my husband long ago lost much sensitivity to noise from artillery firing.

We need more serious reporting on nightlife issues, including noise. For example, why are so many people jeopardizing their hearing at bars with excessively amplified “music”? What are the costs of drunkenness, interrupted sleep and noise distraction? What other cities allow the District’s juxtaposition of nightlife noise with residences? Construction and trash pick up noise rules for nighttime restrictions are enforced, and D.C. law also seems to restrict bar noise, so why do we have so much of it?

Abigail Nichols, Washington

The writer is a D.C. Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner (District 2B05).