In its coverage of the Supreme Court cases on same-sex marriage, The Post gave many examples of people who have “come around” or “evolved” on the issue because of personal interaction with children or with other relatives or friends who are homosexual. The message of these stories is essentially the same: Putting faces on the issue changes their minds. But these are just remedial lessons in humanity, and realizing that gay men and lesbians are people, too, does not necessarily lead to support of same-sex marriage.

Many of us with gays among our colleagues and relatives still believe that monogamous, heterosexual relationships must be favored over other sexual arrangements if our country is to be secure domestically and internationally. This is not for a lack of sensitivity; it is a different conviction about right vs. wrong and what makes for a strong and healthy society. Those who suggest that such a position must be born out of animus toward gays are merely name-calling.

James V. Rives, Alexandria