In his July 10 Outlook commentary, “They all died tragic deaths. Why was one a national obsession?” Keith Alexander made a valid and telling point about both the media and our personal biases regarding the attention paid to the death of Caylee Anthony and the lack of attention paid to the deaths of four children of Banita Jacks. An important question Mr. Alexander did not address: Would Casey Anthony have been found not guilty if she and her daughter were black?

Frank Jenkins, Dunn Loring


Thank you so much for running a column that showed another reason the Caylee Anthony case received so much attention. That Caylee was white is certainly an important factor. However, Keith Alexander never mentioned that men are more likely to commit child murder than are mothers, and yet maternal filicide makes the media in a dramatic way that paternal filicide just does not. This is probably because a mother killing her own children is stepping out of the socially prescribed role of nurturer while men have committed the vast majority of murders over the millennia.

Laurel Long, Rockville