A Metrobus is photographed at the intersection of 14th and K streets NW. (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

I read the May 7 Metro article on the Bus Transformation Project, the study to improve the area’s bus networks, with the great interest of a frequent bus rider [“D.C. area’s bus networks need change, study says”].

Who chaired this group — Captain Obvious? Free transfers between bus and rail? What a concept. Reduced fare for low-income riders? And maybe some of the rest of us, too. Improvements in bus delays and bunching? Goodness, what will they think of next? Any regular bus rider could have told these experts that these are the major problems, and it would not have cost $2.2 million. I think most bus riders will agree that we don’t need any more studies of the problems — we need strategies to fix the problems to protect the needs of bus riders and the financial stability of the entire transportation system.

Clare Feinson, Washington