Regarding the Dec. 4 front-page article “For the FBI, a case of location, location, location”:

Have the General Services Administration (GSA) and the FBI discussed the potential disruption in the lives of residents and employees in the District’s Penn Quarter that would come from tearing down the Hoover Building? Has the D.C. government done so?

The District has worked hard to attract residents to Penn Quarter, but the city has done little to ensure quality of life in this neighborhood, compared with what it has done in other areas where there is a mix of commercial and residential offerings.

Sure, the Hoover Building is not pretty, but you sort of get used to it.

Residents and employees in the community welcome GSA and FBI conversations with us about our lives and commerce. Perhaps it’s a stretch for the federal government to remember that real people live in the District, but we do, and we think that we should be given consideration.

Joan Eisenstodt, Washington