Ombudsman Patrick Pexton reports that “many Catholic readers . . . say that The Post just doesn’t get Catholics.”

As a daily reader of The Post for many years, I don’t think this is anywhere near the case. It is my perception that Catholics don’t get The Post.

Walking the line between many religions and faiths is a extremely difficult job, at best, for any newspaper, but The Post with its diverse reading public has a much harder job then most. Painting inside the lines in today’s world could be almost impossible to do and keep everybody happy. The “getting” of this lies with each individual, organization or institution. What is reported and how it reported is where things get sticky.

I think The Post does a good job and is willing to hash it out in columns just like the ombudsman column. Will it please everybody? No. But I believe The Post tries.

Randall Miller, Ocean View, Del.