Regarding the Dec. 31 Sports package “Who’s next? ” about the firing of Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan:

Since Dan Snyder bought the Redskins franchise 15 years ago, he has gone through seven coaches. Something is wrong with that picture, but I have the perfect solution: Mr. Snyder should be the new coach.

As coach, Mr. Snyder would not need to meddle; he would be the coach, after all. He gets along very well with Robert Griffin III, so there would be no friction there. And if the other players don’t like what he does, to whom would they complain — the owner? Lastly, think about how much money he would save.

This might be the only way the team will survive, as no coach with half a brain would take a job as head coach as long as Mr. Snyder is around.

Marie Weiblen, Fairfax

You don’t fire good people because they’ve had a bad year. There are many people to blame for the Washington Redskins’ poor season. Mike Shanahan is an experienced coach with two Super Bowl rings and a rare playoff appearance for the Redskins. Kyle Shanahan did well as offensive coordinator. Many of this season’s games were very close, and two went down to the last play. What good does firing everybody do?

There may be a case for firing defensive coordinator Jim Haslett, who kept his job, and special teams coach Keith Burns, who was fired. But now we are back to square one. Actually, make that square minus-one.

David V. Mastran,  Great Falls

Every year I swear I won’t get emotionally involved with the Redskins. Every year I fail in my resolve. The losers in the current saga are the players whose reputations and potential have been sullied by association with this team.

New Year’s resolutions one, two and three: I won’t get caught up in Redskins drama again. I won’t get caught up in Redskins drama again. I won’t get caught up in Redskins drama again.

Do any therapists specialize in Redskins detoxification and rehab?

Claire Tieder, Charlottesville