Aman Singh Lail pleaded guilty last week to killing a man while driving drunk [“Guilty plea to DWI and manslaughter in Arlington collision,” Metro, Aug. 15]. Mr. Lail is 24 and, according to authorities, has nearly three dozen charges on his driving record, several of which are “related” to drunken driving or speeding. One, from 2010, was a charge of driving under the influence that was pleaded down to reckless driving. This time, prosecutors offered a plea agreement under which Mr. Lail would be sentenced to no more than 12 years in prison.

Why do we continue to give drunk drivers so many breaks? This man has had ample opportunity to learn and understand that drunken driving is a crime, that reckless driving is a crime. I am sure Saqlain Chowdhury’s parents wish that Mr. Lail hadn’t driven because then their 24-year-old son would have gotten home safely.

Leslie Thomas, Davidsonville

The writer coordinates victim impact panels for Mothers Against Drunk Drivers.