Regarding the Feb. 20 Fed Page article, “NEA president calls for Core ‘course correction’ ”:

It is well known among teachers that for any new curricula, such as the Common Core, to be truly worthwhile, there must be superb training and excellent resources. I do wonder, however, why supporters of the Common Core and Education Department officials say “the standards emphasize critical thinking and analytical skills, as opposed to rote learning.” If you talk to experienced teachers, you will discover that before No Child Left Behind there was already a lot of creative teaching going on that included hands-on lessons requiring higher-level thinking and analytical skills. At the same time, to help track and boost individual progress, portfolios of work were compiled and evaluated throughout the school year by teacher and student, as a team.

Does anyone recognize that the wheel is being reinvented — as we keep sliding backward instead of acknowledging what had been working and building upon it?

Brenda M. Myer, Alexandria