Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) he delivers his third State of the State address in Annapolis on Wednesday. (Linda Davidson/The Washington Post)

The Jan. 31 Metro article “Hogan proposes 401(k)-style retirement savings plan for Md. state employees” laid out Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan’s (R) proposed changes to pensions for some public employees. His proposal is the wrong choice for Maryland.

I have been a public employee for 40 years, working at the University of Maryland University College. It is a job I’m proud to do. Each paycheck, I pay 7 percent of my salary toward my pension. And I know that after putting in service to the state, I won’t retire into poverty, thanks to that pension. Most pension benefits in Maryland average about $14,000 per year. That is a modest but meaningful retirement benefit.

Pensions are the most cost-effective way for Maryland to provide retirement security to its nurses, teachers and other public employees. Mr. Hogan’s proposal will only deprive the pension fund of necessary money to survive, taking us backward. What’s more, we already have a 401(k) system without an employer match to supplement our modest pensions.

I urge the state legislature to reject Mr. Hogan’s plan to change our retirement system. These steps will hurt public employees and jeopardize our retirement security.

Sally Davies, Takoma Park