The demise of a venerable institution like the Corcoran Gallery is always a source of wistful regret [“Historic Corcoran is coming to its end,” front page, Feb. 20]. But if the National Gallery and George Washington University agree, as announced, to divide up the pieces, the essence of the Corcoran will go on: its art collections, its building (with GWU support for much-needed refurbishments) and its art college. Those elements will no longer be under the same managerial umbrella, but they will survive with deeper financial support, and we all will continue to visit the Corcoran Gallery and its beautiful Beaux-Arts building.

Considering the alternatives for a financially failing institution, I believe this is the best possible outcome. So my sorrow is mixed with real relief.

Marc E. Nicholson, Washington

If the House of Representatives had been tasked with coming up with a solution for the Corcoran, no bill would have reached the floor for a vote. Hats off to those who negotiated this win-win. Perhaps we should encourage them to run for Congress. Maybe then things will start to work again in Washington.

Tom Helinski, Washington