(David Richard/AP)

On Sept. 7, the Brookville Bees varsity football team in Lynchburg, Va., honored one of their teammates who died in a tragic car accident in May. Skyler “Skybuck” McConville wore jersey #61 and was an avid hunter. We had a camouflage theme night, carried his jersey out for the coin toss and only had 10 men on the field for the first play of the game. This was our first home game this season. The community showed up in full force.

The coolest part of the night came when the Brookville Bees scored a touchdown in the middle of the third quarter to put 61 points on the board. We chose to take a knee instead of kicking the extra point to keep it at 61. With more than 16 minutes left in the game, we decided to make sure we didn’t score another point. Three players stepped out of bounds inside the 10-yard line, and we took a knee on more than 12 plays to keep our score at 61. We were just one touchdown from breaking the all-time-scoring record for a single game in Brookville history, held since 1948. All the players and coaches decided that keeping the score at 61 was way more important. 

Jon Meeks, Lynchburg, Va.

The writer is head football coach
at Brookville High School.