Regarding the Oct. 5 news article “Navy Yard building to be redesigned after mass shooting”:

As a former Naval Sea Systems Command employee who worked in Building 197 from its opening until 2008, I am very sad for my former colleagues, and I understand their reluctance to return to the place that became a horrific crime scene.

Still, I liked the building. I enjoyed showing people around it. Many of the architectural features, such as the incorporation of giant industrial cranes, large atria and balconies, gave the building character, unlike the cookie-cutter office spaces in Crystal City it replaced. I used to comment to visitors that it would be a perfect mixed-use space, perhaps including for performing arts.

With these memories in mind, I think Naval District Washington should consider requests for commercial use for this building. The adjacent land is being developed; the loading dock for Building 197 abuts this development.

Most important, a new vision and a new use for this unique space would bring life to a place that recently experienced the tragedy of unnecessary death.

David L. Caskey, University Park