President Trump during a roundtable discussion with Republican members of Congress in June. (Salwan Georges/The Washington Post)

William D. Ruckelshaus’s Aug. 7 op-ed, “Only one other president has ever acted this desperate,” was an important and useful reminder of how unusual and dangerous our current circumstances are. But I take exception to one point Mr. Ruckelshaus made that minimized the seriousness of the situation. Mr. Ruckelshaus referred to the cynical conduct of the president, his lawyers and a handful of congressional Republicans. From where I sit, it appears to be much more than a mere handful of congressional Republicans but rather a vast preponderance of them. Being generous, there may be a mere handful, if that many, of congressional Republicans who are standing up for the vital principles that undergird our republic.

As Eugene Robinson’s Aug. 7 Tuesday Opinion column was headlined, “It’s going to get worse.” The Founding Fathers must be whirring like turbines in their graves at the apparent preference for adhering to power and position over standing up for the principles and laws that will ensure the heritage of representative democracy. Party and power over country.

Jim Nagle, Reston