A protestor holds a sign at a gun control rally outside of the Virginia State Capitol Building in Richmond, Va., Tuesday. (Michael Mccoy/Reuters)

Regarding the July 10 front-page article “GOP abruptly ends Va. guns debate”:

Thanks to the Republicans of Virginia for once again reminding us that life is sacred only while in utero, and that after that, your spouse, children, relatives, friends, neighbors, colleagues and others you don’t even know are fair game as target practice for the weapons industry and their wholly owned mouthpiece organizations, legislators and judges.

I see now that the special session called by the governor was “premature”: According to MassShootingTracker.org, as of July 9, the 190th day of 2019, there have only been 257 mass shootings in this country (a mere 67 more than there have been days in the year). But the so-called victims were already born, so they need to take their chances like the rest of us. Their deaths and maimings are a small price to pay for whatever it is we’re purchasing, and any attempt to introduce controls on the instruments of all this death and maiming is just grandstanding, by definition.

Without the Republicans, we might have started believing that the 271 dead and 960 wounded in those mass shootings, plus the countless victims in the same period of shootings of fewer than four at a time, actually count for something.

Timothy Kendall, Herndon

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