All the talk about gun reform that we are beginning to hear will result, at best, only in Band-Aid treatment. Let’s get to the root of the gun problem: the Second Amendment.

The Prohibition amendment did not work, so we rescinded it. Gun control as we know it today does not work within the framework of the Second Amendment; the situation in 2012 is hardly comparable to the circumstances of 1789. Let’s start anew: Rescind the Second Amendment and pass meaningful gun legislation unbridled by constitutional restraints.

Good can come from the horrible tragedy in Newtown. We can take on an amendment that has seemed untouchable.

I think that people who are not beholden to the National Rifle Association can and will be elected. The time is here, and we should seize on it. Bandaging won’t work. Surgery is necessary to cut out this cancer on our society that metastasizes every day.

Stephen W. Grafman, Potomac