The March 30 front-page article “At 99, Reston’s founder is still chasing his ideals” made me, my family and my friends very happy, with one exception: the failure to highlight William Conklin, the senior partner of Conklin and Rossant. If I were to credit one person above all who contributed to the planning and architecture of Lake Anne and its village center, it would be Bill Conklin. He embraced the program I had developed prior to taking title, and we formed a close working relationship during the whole period of surmounting the hurdles of the approval process.

Robert E. Simon Jr., Reston

The writer is the founder of Reston.

I very much enjoyed the article about Robert E. Simon Jr. and the Reston retrospective. But, as a Jewish guy from Brooklyn, it was jarring to find the use of the term “christened” two paragraphs down from the use of the phrase “Jewish guy from Manhattan” in describing how Simon named Reston, using his initials. I’m fortunate to have gotten a chance to meet Simon on a visit to Reston not long ago. He is indeed still very lively, articulate, forward-thinking and very accessible. 

Ron Schwarz, Bethesda