In her March 3 op-ed column, “The tarnished arches,” Catherine Rampell brought much-needed attention to the role of McDonald’s as a bad corporate actor. The corporation also faces criticism for its marketing to children.

I am among the many parents who are fed up with McDonald’s telling our children that “fast food is lovin.’ ” Children face an epidemic of diet-related disease. I attended the McDonald’s shareholder meeting in May to ask the corporation to stop using schools to market to children by sending its mascot, Ronald McDonald, into classrooms.

Parents have had enough of the company’s duplicitous approach to children’s health. It takes credit for removing soda from the kids menu but puts Coca-Cola ads in PlayPlace windows. As we saw with the announcement that it would stop using chicken raised with antibiotics used in human medicine [“McDonald’s cuts out key antibiotics,” news, March 5], McDonald’s is working hard to lose its reputation as a bad corporate actor. Thousands of health professionals and parents are also looking for the corporation to stop manipulating children and retire Ronald.

Casey Hinds, Seattle