Regarding the Dec. 10 front-page article “Redskins rally for fallen RGIII”:

As a Georgetown University graduate student pursuing a degree in public relations/corporate communications, I am struck by Robert Griffin III’s ability to strike the right tone, both on and off the field. His courageous display after injuring his knee Sunday helped the Washington Redskins achieve a victory and solidified his standing as an inspirational leader and master brander.

Already in his short NFL career, he has shown an ability to look adversity in the face and win that is becoming legendary. And at age 22, he’s just getting started.

Tylenol, Toyota and US Airways are generally the case studies we cite in classes when talking about stellar crisis-communications plans. Even though RGIII is still a rookie, I think it’s time to add him as a case study to our curriculum. He innately knows what a situation calls for and skillfully renders it, perfectly framing it to his target audience.

And for the record, I am a Pittsburgh Steelers fan.

Beth Jarvis, Alexandria