Regarding John Kelly’s Dec. 11 Metro column, “Why are Lee and Jackson honored at cathedral?”:

It is erroneous to declare Confederate general Robert E. Lee a proponent of the institution of slavery in the United States. In his own words: “In this enlightened age, there are few I believe, but what will acknowledge, that slavery as an institution, is a moral & political evil in any Country. It is useless to expatiate on its disadvantages.”

Lee was a God-fearing man who fought for his home, family, friends and neighbors. He lamented that his nation was unable to reach a more enlightened mind-set. He said on the matter: “How long their subjugation may be necessary is known & ordered by a wise Merciful Providence.”

For Mr. Kelly to say that Lee fought to “keep blacks in chains” is an incredibly slanderous view on a great American hero.

Wesley C. Haines-Ynfante, Baltimore