While I understand the desire to show how Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III was injured last season, I strongly object to The Post’s continued use of photos showing his right knee in that horrific, contorted position [“Griffin III’s rehab kept under wraps,” Sports, May 20]. As someone who has sustained multiple major knee injuries, I find it both sickening and thoroughly unnecessary to keep seeing this. One would think that, with such a well-publicized and documented injury, The Post would be able to discuss his recovery without the photo yet again.

Conor McLaughlin, Montclair

It happened again and it will continue to happen, especially since football season is coming. The Post used a widely acknowledged, overtly racist term.

This week I turned 30. In those years, as an avid reader of The Post, I’ve never seen it publish long-disused pejoratives for blacks, Jews or Hispanics. Yet, in 2013, The Post continues to use the hateful term that describes Native Americans.

Will I still see this term printed when I turn 31? When I turn 40? Will I even be alive when the day finally comes that The Post ceases this shameful and embarrassing behavior?

Alex Waldauer, Syracuse, N.Y.