Regarding the March 23 World Digest item “8 Palestinians killed in strikes by Israel”:

Gaza militants fired 56 mortar shells and rockets into Israel in the week before the article appeared and 130 already in 2011, targeted at civilians in general, including children. Israel defended itself by targeting military strikes at militants and killed four militants and four civilians, as a result of militants firing from civilian areas and using civilians as human shields.

That was the story. You created a different story by emphasizing the death toll and publishing a photo of an injured Palestinian. Readers who didn’t go beyond the headline and the photo didn’t get the whole story.

If Mexico fired 130 mortar shells into the United States in 2011, including 56 in a week, and the Pentagon responded by firing back, would you publish a headline saying “8 Mexicans killed in strikes by America”?

Roy Bucholtz, Oak Hill

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