In her Nov. 8 Metro column, “Juli Briskman is reigning queen of the revenge run,” Petula Dvorak sang the praises of individuals who “have in common an opposition to Trump or Trump’s policies.” Regardless of one’s political leanings, it is extremely disheartening to read “the revenge run is everything in politics right now. And it’s pretty sweet.” Have people forgotten how much thought, hardship and effort went into the founding of our nation, the writing of our Constitution, the previous 250 years of steps and missteps and attempted corrections that form our fragile way of life? Revenge is never a motive to be applauded. It’s an easy-to-understand reason for action, but one that never accomplishes anything of lasting value. I’ll support a quiet problem-solver any day over a candidate running on revenge.

My plea to future candidates is this: Run on ideas, run on achievements, run on willingness to serve, but do not run on revenge.

Nancy Ferrell, Fairfax Station