Russell E. Train, who died at age 92 on Sept. 17 [“Safari launched a career in activism for former EPA head,” Obituaries, Sept. 18] was the scion of a prominent New England family and a graduate of St. Albans, Princeton, and Columbia Law School — the kind of person those of us of a certain age called an aristocrat. But, far more important, he was certainly an example of those whom Thomas Jefferson would have called aristocrats of the mind. He thought about what was important for our country and the world and contributed as much to our environmental future as anyone.

For those who knew him, he was also an aristocrat of the spirit — a loving family man, a charming and loyal friend, and as pleasant a man to be around as one could find. He did not let partisan politics or personal ambition stand in the way of doing what he thought was right. Oh, how we need more Russell Trains.

N. Thomas Connally, Arlington