Tamar Haspel’s article about farmed vs. wild-caught salmon was misleading [“The gap’s closing,” Food, Sept. 25]. When you eat farmed salmon, you’re really eating other fish — the jack mackerel, sardine or anchovy — which are fed to the salmon. According to industry averages, you are consuming three pounds of these other fish, which are likely threatened, when you eat a pound of salmon.

The answer isn’t to make salmon aquaculture sustainable. It’s to make wild fish stocks more abundant, using science-based fishery management instead of promoting salmon farming, which is destructive and wasteful. Putting those three pounds of jack mackerel or other fish straight onto your plate is better for the environment and your health. Wild-caught fish are also delicious (and they don’t ingest tons of antibiotics like Chilean farmed salmon).

Andrew Sharpless, Washington

Alex Muñoz , Santiago, Chile

The writers are, respectively, the chief executive of Oceana and Oceana’s vice president for South America.