Each year Sarah Kaufman makes the same point when reviewing the Washington Ballet’s performance of “The Nutcracker”: that it suffers from the lack of a live orchestra [“This ‘Nutcracker’ is feast for the eyes, not the ears,” Style, Dec. 3]. Why couldn’t she begin with the inventiveness of the production — figures in U.S. history and the Washington setting? With the exception of last year, when, thanks to Adrienne Arsht’s generosity, there was indeed an orchestra in the pit, Kaufman merely repeats her criticism of the worn-out recording and the Warner Theatre’s poor sound system.

We should be sensitive to the business of running an arts organization. Then, perhaps, the review would have appreciated the beauty of the performance, thereby encouraging greater attendance and patronage. The end result of a more positive article might ultimately support the costs of a live orchestra in the future.

Sandra Weiswasser, Washington