I have read with interest the recent commentary in The Post that began with Joan Steinau Lester’s June 29 op-ed, “ ‘Wife’ just isn’t the right word.” Perhaps Tom Egly’s July 5 letter [“Marriage isn’t a matter of semantics”], which ended with, “If . . . same-sex married couples have children, they are either moms or dads. End of story,” hit the bull’s-eye. Time will tell.

I have one grandson. He has seven grandparents — four of them biological and three of them step-grandparents. The names he uses for usare Grandmother, Nani, Lita, Grammy, Grasshopper, ZZ and Papa. What’s in a name? He loves us all the same. It’s not about us; it’s about him.

It matters not what couples call themselves as long as they love each other and their children. With time we will either use traditional names for same-sex couples or find new names.

Social transformation and ensuing language changes take time. The first and most important step is the transformation; after that, finding ease and comfort with the vocabulary becomes inevitable.

Robert Pokras, Silver Spring