Regarding the Feb. 11 obituary for Shirley Temple, “Shirley Temple, an optimistic icon who knew it was an illusion”:

I grew up in a small Wisconsin town. We were very poor, but every Saturday my mother gave me a nickel so I could go to the movies. With a nickel, I could see a double-feature of Westerns, a half-hour serial, a half-hour of cartoons, Fox Movietone news and previews of coming attractions. The only time I varied from that routine was if a Shirley Temple movie was coming on Sunday afternoon; then I gave up the Westerns to see her.

I grew up with Shirley Temple and loved her as we were teens and young adults. Unfortunately, moviegoers couldn’t accept her as other than a child, so her movie career ended when she was in her early 20s. I still watch her movies when they are shown on TV, and I own several of them. I was sorry to hear of her death at age 85.

Gordon F. Brown, Bethesda