I am adding my voice to the growing opposition to building a National Football League stadium at Oxon Cove Park [“From peaceful park to NFL stadium?,” Metro, Dec. 20]. Oxon Cove is part of the same national park system that includes the Lincoln Memorial, the Statue of Liberty and Shenandoah National Park. Oxon Cove provides a significant expanse of parkland and wildlife habitat near our nation’s capital along the Potomac River. This natural treasure’s value as open space and habitat will continue to increase as our region develops.

America’s national parks are not a land bank for properties until a higher bidder comes around. National parks are meant to be preserved as long as the United States endures.

As a 25-year Prince George’s County resident, I deeply care about the national parks, including Oxon Cove. This area already has its best use — as national parkland. Building a football stadium at Oxon Cove would degrade the park and pave over its history.

I invite other area residents to visit the park to see for themselves how special it is and to see that it is worth fighting for its continued preservation.

Judy Xanthopoulos, Cheverly

Oxon Cove Park’s very own Web page on the National Park Service website states the following: “The property was entrusted to the National Park Service in 1959 to protect its natural and cultural resources from the threat of increased urban development.” Does every last green space in the Washington metro area have to be paved over? Words cannot express how disgusted I am with the park being proposed as the site of a stadium. As if the view from Alexandria across the Potomac River weren’t already marred by the monstrosity that is MGM National Harbor and the MGM Casino.

Kate McAloon, Alexandria