As a retired African American educator and an active member of my AME Zion church, I found two June 15 articles very interesting — “Musical ministry to the masses” [front page] and “Shifting tassels, perceptions” [Metro].

The first was about a musical tradition related to African American churches, and the second reported on a group of African American parents who started a group to help their sons succeed in Loudoun County schools. Both articles were very positive, but I was perplexed by their positioning. I think they should have been in reverse spots in The Post.

The musical ministry article was informative, but I don’t think it warranted space on Page A1, which seems to me to be designated for subject matter deemed of national and international importance.

The article on the parents pushing their sons to succeed illustrated the impact of parental involvement in children’s academic achievement. Club 2012, as the parents’ group is called, provides a road map to student success that all families, regardless of race, can follow and that school systems everywhere should support. Now that is news of national and international importance and worthy of The Post’s front page.

Wanda Walters, Bethesda