Thank you for the article on Shadybrook Stables [“Beloved stable ready to close, so horse lovers stop to say goodbye,” Metro, Dec. 8]. One of my best childhood memories is traipsing through the woods after school with my dog, Elfe. One day we came upon a beautiful chestnut horse by a stream. Of course I climbed the fence. With the help of some carrots, I soon became fast friends with Prince and then with his owners, Jim, Helen and Darryl Moss.

Jim, who ran Shadybrook, taught me and several of my brothers and sisters to ride, our families became friends, and Shadybrook became a fixture in our lives. Recalling those years now as a parent brings home the importance of such adventures and of nurturing a love of nature and animals in our kids, especially in this age of fixation on all things digital. In addition to my parents, the Mosses did that for me, and I am grateful.

Gretta Siebentritt, Silver Spring