Regarding the Feb. 18 front-page article “Middle schools test D.C. leaders as parents choose other options”:  

While challenges still exist for D.C. Public Schools’ middle schools, progress is being made. Parents naturally will be anxious as their children move from elementary school to middle school. But this is true of parents across the country because middle school means the new experiences of being taught by multiple, subject-based teachers, getting school lockers and becoming a teenager. The transition to middle school isn’t a walk in the park — no matter where you live.

Alex Nock, Washington

I appreciate The Post’s focus on the D.C. Public Schools system and the choices that parents face. Recently, as I have become a mother, I have begun to question my residency in the District. Many people with whom I have spoken say they believe that the quality of D.C. education will be elevated in the coming years. But I have doubts.

I always have loved the District and never questioned my longevity in this city. Now I ponder an escape to the suburbs.

It is time to take a serious look at not only our educational system, but also the safety of our children in day-to-day life in school.

Gwen Dobbs, Washington