Even as a fan of wisecracks both corny and dumb — a much-maligned thread of American humor — the Sept. 1 “Pearls Before Swine” struck a new low in funny-page content. Pig’s Novocain-induced, monosyllabic advice stammered to Goat, suggesting that he write his foreign-dictator-themed college paper about “Sad Damn Who? Sane,” was head-smackingly lame.

So, in the spirit of Novocained Pig, here is a response to the term paper prompt “What hope remains for the future of comic strips with brains?”:

Goat: Newspaper comics aren’t what they used to be. “Classic Peanuts” has been The Post’s best strip for months.

Pig: True.

Goat: No wonder. So many great, young comic satirists would rather write for “The Daily Show” and the like than draw a strip for a newspaper syndicate. I wonder why?  

Pig: Dough.

Goat: Maybe The Post could increase readership of the comics by putting them on the first page of the Style section, starting below the fold, instead of forcing readers to hunt through the paper to find them in the back. Which placement do you think gives more exposure to ads?

Pig: Back.

Goat: Well, aren’t we cynical. Is there no hope for the future of the newspaper funnies? When will the world start seeing really great comic-strip satire back in newsprint?  

Pig: Soon?

Here’s hoping that the summer of our discontent is almost over, and that fall semester at Walden University starts on schedule.

Chuck Tievsky, Oakton