Regarding Joe Carr’s June 23 Close to Home column “ Welcome, baseball fan. Go directly to jail ”:

When you walk up Half Street to the stadium after emerging from the Metro, you are immediately approached by multiple “entrepreneurs” asking if you need tickets. There are always multiple sellers, some of whom literally open up their overcoats to show you a range of options and ask, “Where do you want to sit?” If they don’t have tickets to the area or section that suits you, they call up the street to other “vendors.”   

This all raises many questions. Where did these street sellers buy their numerous tickets? And if they properly bought them at face value, how would they make any money reselling them? If games are not sold out and the vendors aren’t able to sell the considerable number of tickets they have, how do they not take a proverbial bath on them? I won’t even begin to discuss the sellers who are there every day, their “accounting” methods and potential issues with the IRS.  

Finally, how do police not find these local “entrepreneurs” so blatantly plying their trade at any given home game? One can only wonder, since the police chose to challenge Mr. Carr — an “outsider” from Minnesota — for horning in on the local action.

Chris J. Krisinger, Burke