A Nov. 15 article on voting challenges in Fairfax County [“In election postmortem, finger-pointing over poll workers,” Metro] was accompanied by a photo caption that referred to “a polling site at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria.” This reference perpetuates a long-standing practice by The Post of referring to large sections of Fairfax County as “Alexandria.”

Sometimes the distinction between the county and the city is not very significant, but Fairfax and Alexandria are entirely distinct political jurisdictions, and referring to a place as “Alexandria” when it is in fact “Fairfax” simply makes The Post wrong.

In this case, the ballot in the photo is nothing like the ballot I used in Alexandria on Election Day, and the polling machines, the poll workers and every other relevant detail in the story apply to Fairfax, not Alexandria.

It’s odd for a newspaper of record to consistently misidentify where stories take place, particularly when the location is a critical part of the story.

Matt Petersen, Alexandria