I chuckled at the article about the decision some Jews have to make when sports collide with the high holy days [“Jewish baseball fans weigh penance vs. pennant chases,” front page, Sept. 19]. Observant Jews who happen to be sports fanatics have this situation 52 weeks a year on the Sabbath and around a dozen religious holidays. It is not an issue. We dutifully check the paper on Shabbat mornings before going to synagogue and even discuss the scores before prayer unless our teams played late or on the West Coast. We return from synagogue on Saturday evening and check the scores for that day (or even the night before). The same is true for religious holidays.

We have not missed anything. We are carrying on the traditions begun by Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the land of Israel more than four thousand years ago. We spend this period praying, learning, celebrating and sharing meals with family and friends. It is a beautiful experience, much more than so than a local sports team victory could give us.

Stuart Stahler, Olney