Hillary Clinton in New York in April. (Mary Altaffer/AP)

Regarding the Nov. 15 front-page article "Prospect of new special counsel rattles Justice":

Were those concerned about Attorney General Jeff Sessions considering a second special counsel to investigate Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton as concerned when former FBI director James B. Comey's confidant Robert S. Mueller III was appointed to investigate Mr. Comey's dismissal?

Notably, Mr. Comey's completely unnecessary breaking of protocol to discuss during a public hearing an ongoing investigation into Russian covert operations negatively affected presidential initiatives to achieve detente with Russia to resolve matters in Syria.

William T. Fidurski, Clark, N.J.

A special counsel to investigate crimes is needed when a conflict of interest exists, to ensure, for example, that the criminal investigation is not being tainted because the target runs the department or appointed the investigators. A special counsel is not needed when the target holds no official position, influence or sway over the investigation. The Trump administration does not seem to notice that Hillary Clinton does not run the Justice Department. Ms. Clinton is a private citizen.

Her activities have already been investigated extensively. No prosecutions have occurred because no prosecutions have been found appropriate.

The suggestion that a special counsel should be appointed is completely improper and insulting to the thousands of professional Justice Department employees. It is reminiscent of dictators who keep harassing their opponents until they find a way to throw them into jail.

Sylvia Raphael, Silver Spring