White House senior advisers Stephen Miller and Kellyanne Conway leave the Oval Office in March. (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post)

Regarding the July 10 Metro article “Trump aides face derision in District”:

Flipping off Stephen Miller, a senior adviser to President Trump, is fighting hate with hate. So, I guess, is refusing to serve White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and calling out Trump affiliates Kellyanne Conway and Stephen K. Bannon in public. It lowers the heckler to the level of the hecklee.

Still, shouldn’t the daily incivility and downright cruelty of the Trump White House be returned in kind? “Here’s what it’s like, Mr. Miller, to be excluded/insulted/vilified. You can’t be allowed to go through your day as if you’re not guilty. I mean, what kind of person takes babies away from mothers?”

But, I suppose we should instead call on our better angels and resist in-kind responses to those who lack empathy and compassion. Grace and decency must prevail. And they will.

Herbert Cromwell, Catonsville, Md.

This is not about sore losers in some kind of contest, as Newt Gingrich contemptuously explained it. This is about the destruction of our democracy. Let’s ask ourselves which is worse: the actions of those who publicly humiliate officials, or those officials’ involvement in policies that refuse to encourage breast-feeding and put infants’ lives at risk, that separate parents from their children, that take food and rent money from working people and hand it to corporations, that exacerbate a catastrophic disruption of climate, and that drive away allies and placate despots?

This is one of the few tools the people have at this moment, and they have every reason to try it.

Richard Barber, New York